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for Roman, Venetian, Wooden, Vertical, Roller or Conservatory Blinds.

Past masters or people in the know can pick their choice of products immediately. They know what each one does and how it will look. Other customers are familiar with maybe one or two types of blinds, if at all. Reading through this section will help you in making the correct choice.

The decision on the type of blinds you buy will probably be based on one of three things:

Aesthetics: If you are not too bothered with how the blind operates, you will probably look more for a stylish blind, colour match or design that will blend in with the theme or style of your decor. We sell virtually every type of blind available and have over 1500 fabrics, materials, colours and designs for you to choose from.

Fabric Functionality: Is the fabric "fit for purpose" in relation to the room it will be installed in?

- Standard shade (blocks out the sun's glare but lets some light in)
- Water resistant/Fire retardant
- Washable/cleanable
- Total light blockout
- Fade resistant
- Heat reflective/retentive
- UV protective

Most individual fabrics contain a number of the above attributes.

Practicality: Looking for your blind to operate in a certain way due to the configuration of your windows or doors? Concerned about the gather of the product?

This website will demonstrate how each type of blind operates. Looking at the style, checking if the fabric has the correct characteristics and the way your blind will operate will lead you to the blind type you require. Whether you need aesthetics, functionality, practicality or all three, desresblinds is sure to have it!

Our website offers an introduction to the types of blinds available for your home or premises. For a more detailed discussion, why not request a visit from one of our experienced consultants? You can also download a brochure here.